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About Valley Discount Fireworks


People Staning in line at a Valley Discount Fireworks StandWe have been in business for many years, and we have been providing family fun and promoting safety. Our concern is your concern, we provide the tools, so that you can have the fun, and have a blast.

We currently serve the Rio Grande Valley in many locations such as Harlingen, San Benito, Pharr, San Juan and Alamo.  We are sure we have a location to better serve  you too.

Every since we started our business, we knew that to better serve  you, for the fun and enjoyment, we had to be there in front of you to make it more convenient for you.

Quality Fireworks at a Discounted Price!

Quality Fireworks at Valley Discount Fireworks

People Like us because we provide High Quality Fireworks at a great Discount, so you can have more bang for your buck!

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