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Valley Discount Fireworks

Valley Discount Fireworks is Near You in the RGV

Fun and Excitement At Valley Discount Fireworks

Here, at Valley Discount Fireworks, we provide fun, exciting and affordable fireworks for the Rio Grande Valley.

Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthethic and entertainment, and religious pruposes.  But most of us use them for a fireworks display at family functions during the 4th of July or New Year’s, and weddings and the like.

People flock to many of our locations to take advantage of valuable discounts when they are going to buy fireworks.  We also offer many coupons for fireworks to help you, our customers.

Valley Discount Fireworks Over Delivers

And We’re Proud of that!

Although we are located throughout the Rio Grande Valley, our main office is in Harlingen, Tx.  But we have many fireworks stands throughout the RGV, so you can always find one near you.

Valley Discount Fireworks has a variety of  discount fireworks for sale

We have a great selection of the awesome blackcat firecrackers:  Sure, the the loud, stand back, black cat fireworks that go boom, but we also have plenty of other well liked proucts.

Reloadables - ExcaliburWe have Reloadables such as the Excalibur, Goliath and Merlin, just to name a few.  The Excalibur reloadable is a 24 reloadable canister shell.  The Excalibur is by all means, the best reloadable kits.

These shells have a high loud lift charge with extremely great big excitable LOUD breaks.  There are some bigger than others let me tell you.

Every single shell in the the Excalibur kit is of a different mix of crackling, glittering, peony, wave shells, dragons and stuff…

Excalibur has in the newer shells multi-color canisters, but if they have see thru sides, that means they are updated shells…

You can still find the older style Excalibur shells in the Rambo Kid Kits and Predator kits though, but they are super loud, lift and break with LARGE diameter breaks. You can check out other reviews here for Excalibur.

We always condone safety, but this is a video, I needed to share with you guys because it displays the awesome POWER!

Valley Discount Fireworks Has Excaliburs

But we also have ever- so popular 500 grams fireworks that is just as awesome. You have  quite a pick for you from A Shot in the Dark,  Top Guns, and Big Bad and Loud to name a few, plus many others. Top Guns Fireworks 500 Grams at Valley Discount Fireworks

We also know how much kids love fireworks and we value your safety as well, that is why we also carry kid-safe family assortments, in fact, we have the perfect fireworks for every and any occasion.

Buy Fireworks at Valley Discount Fireworks

We are there in Ashburn, if not, we are near you in surrounding cities, just a hop and a skip away, to serve you.

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Or you can always Contact Us any time you want if you have any questions or comments, or if you want to inquire about any fireworks displays.

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