A Shot In the Dark

by Josue

500 Grams - A Shot in the Dark - Valley Discount Fireworks

You Want A Powerful 500 Grams and A Shot In The Dark Is The Answer

Valley Discount Fireworks has many 500 grams to choose from and one to choose from – A Shot in The Dark!  It’s an all time favorite!

You Want 500 Grams, and you don’t want to miss the size of this 37 cake shells baby!

What they do is  glitter and crackle, red, green and yellow and falling leaves follow with the brightest blue stars that you will see…A Shot in the dark has 37 shots and boom, and YOU Will Love it!

A Shot in the Dark is the Answer!

It’s very easy to find and choose the right 500 Gram for you, in fact, we made it dead simple really.  For example,  take a look at A Shot in the Dark?

Do you know what A Shot in The Dark Does?

Well, you are in the right place, let us roll up our sleeves and show you why A shot in the dark is high in demand and for good reason.  You can light up the sky with it, leaving family and friends in awe. You can never have just one.

Here at Valley Discount Fireworks we have the A Shot in The Dark fireworks for you, and at a lower price to give you more bang for your buck.

See What A Shot in The Dark Does For You!


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